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Commissions open
 I can draw pretty much anything fantasy creature related and anthro related. yes, I am open to doing transformation comics too. I'm open to drawing human or humanoid characters too even though I'm not that great at drawing them.


Kim Blueravenfire M.
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
just another artist trying to make my place in the world.

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what programs to you use your digital artwork in?

Stamp - Photoshop by MauserGirl
Do you still do traditional work?
yes, I do even though it is not very often, I mostly use colored pencil or watercolor.
Stamp: Colored pencils by ibis-died watercolor by Fleana
Do you do requests?
no, simply no. I do have the free time to do those anymore.
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Do you do trades?
Depends on the artist and if I have time to do them. I usually only do art trades with artists I'm good friends with.
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Are you open of commissions?
yes, I'm ALWAYS open for commissions as I'm always in need of can commission me whenever you commission info is on the front page as well.
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Do you do tutorials?
no, because there are plenty of other artist out there that have tutorials on basically the same thing, but you what to learned something specific from me, I might consider it.
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no. period. not without my permission

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Normally I don't do movie reviews, but this movie was jut too crazy not to do one. So here I am trying to wrap my head around the movie I just watched, warning that this review as a ton of spoilers in it, so if you have not seen the movie yet best to skip this review.  So this movie is basically what happens when you give Japanese people free reign over the batman franchise while being high on drugs.
Main Img2 by BlueRavenfire

The style of this movie is interesting as it has that mix of 3D animation with a 2D animation look that japan tends to use in a lot of their animes. The movie starts out pretty good enough, it opens up with batman trying to stop gorilla grodd from using a time machine at arkham asylum, but grodd is able to activate the time machine before batman can stop him and they both get sucked into a time vortex and then next batman finds himself in the middle of a town in ancient feudal japan. He soon finds out the joker along with Harley quinn have been teleported to this time period as well and I have been here way before he has and the joker became a feudal lord of one of japan’s feudal states. As batman tries to escape from the joker’s samurai army, he meets up with catwomen that apparently be teleported to this time period too and have hiding out in secret for over 2 years and they team up to find grodd’s time machine to get back to the future.  Catwomen soon tells batman that all the criminals of gotham have be teleported to this time period too, the penguin, poison ivy, deathstroke and twoface (so apparently they all just happened to be the range of the time vortex too!) and they all end up being feudal lords of each of the divided Japanese states and are waging war against each other for control over japan. Also bane just randomly shows up in this as a sumo wrestler and is easily defeated by batman, I’m not kidding you with this! Later batman discovered that Alfred with his batmobile somehow got sucked into the time vortex too. Then batman engages in battle with the joker in his batmobile only to find the Japanese castle the joker rules over is secretly a machine of some type and a giant mechanical hand comes out of the castle.

Bear with me here because this is not the strangest as this movie gets!

Batman is easily defeated by the giant mechanical hand, but at the last minute is rescued by a group of ninjas. Later the ninjas are revealed to be the bat family, nightwing, red hood, red robin and regular young robin because apparently they were all there at the same time as batman when grodd time machine was activated. Seriously, what are the odds of that ever happening?!  Soon it is revealed that the bat family joined with a group of ninjas called the bat ninja clan and think that batman is some type of ancient spiritual warlord that prophecy to bring peace to japan. Again, I’m not kidding you with this! Later, batman soon finds grodd as be teleported to this time period as well by getting an invitation from him to meet at a hot spring. There grodd tells batman what his true intentions were with the time machine, he wanted to get rid of all the gotham villains by sending them to a different time period so he could rule over gotham himself, but batman’s interference caused the time machine to malfunction and send them all to a time period of feudal japan.  Batman figures grodd is only one who can get the time machine working again, but grodd needs power converter canisters that were stolen from him by the other gotham villains, so batman and grodd are forced to team up with each other.

So batman, the bat family and the bat ninja clan along with grodd engage in battle with the joker on a river in ships, but at the last minute grodd betrays them. (honesty, how was that not expected?!) Then the joker suffices himself by blowing up his own ship hoping to kill batman at the same time. During the battle between batman and joker, catwomen managed to steal a power converter form Harley and continues to side with grodd figuring it’s the only way she with get back home;

You see batman get engulfed by the explosion so you think he would be dead by now right? Nope! You see him waking up just fine in the next scene!

With the joker now out the way grodd becomes the feudal lord and tries to gain control over all the other divided states of japan. Batman soon realizes that without his tech to help him he is pretty useless in fighting, so he learns the ways of material arts of the ninja in order to fight gotham villains. (but didn’t he train that way to become batman in the first place?)

Then suddenly the movie takes abrupt change in style, going from the 2d/3d-ish kind of animation to a more painterly style resembling an ancient Japanese painting with very choppy 2d animation that looks like it was done in MS paint.
Ninjabat1 by BlueRavenfire
In this scene red hood finds out joker and Harley survived the explosion as well and are now living as peasant farmers. Red hood tries to kill them, but batman stops him because joker and Harley seemed to have lost their memories from the explosion. Of course, red hood doesn’t buy it because he knows joker is really good at deception, batman however does believe it because he doesn’t see the madness in joker’s eyes. Batman convinces red hood to leave them be since they can no longer do any harm, but at the last second it is revealed they were faking it the whole time. Big surprise!

Then the movie jumps to a month later where all of gotham villains gather together for a final battle and turns out each of them as their own Japanese castle and all the castles turned into giant robots.

again, I’m not making is fucking shit up!
Ninjabat2 by BlueRavenfire
Ninjabat3 by BlueRavenfire
Ninjabat4 by BlueRavenfire
Ninjabat5 by BlueRavenfire
Meanwhile, batman with the bat family and the bat ninja clan charge into battle as well in full ninja outfits and on horses, though batman looking more like a samurai then a ninja. Soon gotham villains battle among each other with their robots, but grodd soon defeats them all and starts to mind control them all claiming he wants to rule the whole country. Then joker and haley come in to crash the party and takes out grodd to take over his castle robot.  The bat family goes to save grodd and catwomen before the joker combines all of the castle robots into one big giant castle robot.

Yep, were going to power rangers level of ridiculously stupid here!

Ninjabat6 by BlueRavenfire

Then an injured grodd gives robin a flute that summons a huge monkey army of his. When the monkeys come into the battle they try to climb all over the robot to disable it, but that doesn’t work. So then robin uses the flute to enable the monkeys to merge together to create one giant monkey.

I wish I was really making this shit up, but I’m not!

Ninjabat7 by BlueRavenfire

The gigantic monkey fights joker’s robot, but still isn’t strong enough. So then a huge swarm of bats fly in and merge themselves with the monkey and form a giant batman god like being.


Ninjabat8 by BlueRavenfire

So while the giant batman god fights joker’s castle robot, batman and the bat family go inside the robot to fight joker and the rest of the gotham villains.  When batman confronts the joker, jokers reveal how he was able to deceive batman earlier, he apparently intentionally hypnotized himself and Harley into believing they were farmers and forget all their pervious memories and it was the scent of a Japanese flower that brought all their memories back.  Uhhh……right sure, let’s go with that.  It’s not like anything else in this movie makes a lick of sense.

Despite how utterly ridiculous this movie gets, the final fight scene between joker and batman is actually pretty awesome.  The both fight with samurai swords on the rooftop of joker’s castle robot.  Batman uses all the ninjutsu skills he has learned to fight and joker gets more insane as he desperately tries to defeat batman.  But we all know how it ends, the joker is eventually defeated by batman and the rest of the gotham villains get defeated by members of the bat family and joker’s robots get destroyed. Then grodd uses his time machine to send everyone back to their present future.

Before I conclude this review, I just want to point out the last scene in this movie that really killed me, batman goes on patrol in his batmobile, but instead of using his regular high tech car, he uses a horse drawn carriage that looks like a Japanese pagoda. Are you serious, bruce?! You think that is not going to draw attention or look intimidating in any way?!

Ninjabat9 by BlueRavenfire

So in conclusion, I really don’t know what to think of this movie. what were these people thinking with this?! This had the potential to something interesting, but it got botched by stupid like giant robots, giant monkeys and a giant batman god. I’ve been a long time fan of batman and watch a lot of the animated series and movies and I know batman as a history of crazy crossovers and absurd time period settings, but this…..this is just taking it too far. I know this movie is stupid, but I kind of admire how stupid it is. How far you push something like batman into ridiculousness and still try to make it work.




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